Rather than making one or two small innovations,
Cleartooth solves every problem that using computers for 2D dental imaging can create

The Cleartooth Digital X-Ray System performs exceptionally well in every aspect of 2D dental imaging. Cleartooth sensors and software produce superior intraoral radiographs that have great depth-of-read. Cleartooth is a turn-key system that is built for ultimate dependability, productivity and minimal IT maintenance.

Our sensors are the highest quality and with proven performance and durability, they’re the exclusive choice that we have tuned and optimized within our system. All you need to do is plug the sensor in and it’s ready to go. Cleartooth sensors are thin and fairly comfortable. Our large and small size sensors have smooth rounded outside corners, facilitating proper positioning in a patient’s mouth.

Cleartooth has simple yet powerful features designed to flow with your work. The software is fast and well designed for real dentistry. It allows anyone in the practice to quickly learn how to use it and start viewing, taking and working with images. You can find the images you need with very few clicks and then enlarge the size of images, individually, or with their adjacent images, always allowing you to see multiple angles at the same time. You can view whole studies from a day or view the same type of X‑rays from all days in time series.

The Cleartooth intelligent mounting system makes taking X‑rays as quick and easy as possible. Our versatile mounts adapt as needs change, to accommodate any angle and multiple shots. Whether you are taking a set of bitewings, doing a full mouth series, or are just taking PAs on the fly. It is simple to add, remove, re‑take or re‑arrange images. When images are correctly placed, they are always correctly oriented, automatically.

The Cleartooth system includes advanced data management, storage and networking. All data is saved instantly, while you work and synchronously shared with everyone in real time. It creates it’s own private cloud on your computers. It also allows you to work offline when you need to, if you’re mobile outside your office or even if your server or network is down. Data storage is specifically designed and optimized for 2D dental imaging, maximizing performance, dependability and efficiency. The entire Cleartooth system is properly installed, configured and maintained for each practice, by our expert service team.