Cleartooth was founded by Scott Siegel, a software engineer and pioneer in the field of internet-based application software and client-server database systems. Scott has a distinguished background leading the development of first-generation web-applications for sites including MapQuest,, the Oxygen Channel, and the National Center for Atmospheric Research.

Cleartooth began while Scott was at his dentist’s office for a regular check-up. As he was leaving, Scott took part in a conversation between his dentist, the office manager, and a dental sales rep who gave an impromptu demonstration of digital X-ray. At moment, he realized this had many elements that fit his interests – digital sensors, on-screen workflow, grayscale image processing, and high-capacity storage and retrieval – with potential for him to significantly improve beyond what he saw.

Starting with a fresh approach, Scott and his co-developer Eric Nienhouse took on the challenge of creating the most advanced and user-friendly 2D dental imaging system and have refined and optimized the Cleartooth Digital X-Ray System for more than twenty years, learning about radiography and dentists to understand their work and what they need most in an imaging system.

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