Are you getting everything you should from your digital X‑rays or film? Dental imaging should not slow you down or limit your work; it should flow with you conveniently and allow you to take as many X‑rays as you need – the moment you need them. You should be able to see them large or small, either individually or mounted together side-by-side or in time-series, with just a click. And of course, you should always get images that are accurate and as readable as possible. For a system that does all this and more, your system should be Cleartooth.

Look to Cleartooth for the ideal X‑ray sensors and software solution.

We’ve seen to it that nothing is sacrificed with your 2D imaging solution, resulting in high-definition images that make the subtlest variations in tooth density visible, allowing for early detection of decay, abscess, bifurcation, inflammation of PDL and other hidden concerns.

Clear, readable and accurate images for maximum diagnostic confidence

Every Cleartooth digital X‑ray is individually adjusted to the optimal balance of light and dark, to clearly inform dentists about each patient’s true oral health and condition. Cleartooth X‑rays are especially well tuned for accurate reading of incipient decay.

Best direct intraoral sensors

Cleartooth sensors detect the exact attenuation of X‑rays by bone, tooth, and enamel, in fine detail. Our large and small size sensors have a comfortable thin shape with smooth rounded corners that makes proper positioning easier. They’re plug ‘n play. So, all you need to do is plug a sensor in and it’s ready to go.

Fast, efficient software to make your work easier

Whether you are taking a set of bitewings, doing a full mouth series, or are just taking PAs on the fly, it’s no trouble to have any type or combination of X‑rays. Our flexible mounts and views adapt as needs change. Image placement is effortless. Image orientation is automatic and retakes are a snap. At any time, images can be added, removed, or re‑arranged

Cleartooth takes care of the technology, so you can focus on patient care.