Best direct intraoral sensors

The Cleartooth Digital X-Ray System performs exceptionally well in every aspect of 2D dental imaging. Cleartooth sensors and software produce superior intraoral radiographs that have great depth-of-read. We reveal the subtle differences in density of enamel, dentin and bone that others lack. Our X‑ray images accurately show all levels of decay and reliably capture incipient decay, providing dentists intraoral X‑ray images that they can read with confidence.

Getting great digital X‑rays starts by having excellent sensors that detect the exact attenuation of X‑rays with outstanding sensitivity and low noise. Having a raw bit‑depth of 12 allows images to have 4,096 different shades of gray which is necessary for diagnostic accuracy and readability; though the number of shades of gray will be reduced to 256 or less when displayed or printed. So, optimal image processing is critical. Their high resolution is limited by noise rather than the physical capability of the sensor which is 25 lp/mm ; however, having measurable true resolution between 15 to 18 lp/mm makes large images possible.

Our sensors are the highest quality and with proven performance and durability, they’re the exclusive choice that we have tuned and optimized within our system. All you need to do is plug the sensor in and it’s ready to go. Cleartooth sensors are thin and fairly comfortable. Our large and small size sensors have smooth rounded outside corners, facilitating proper positioning in a patient’s mouth. Each has a durable cord with a rubberized exterior that is Kevlar reinforced. The attachment point on the sensor uses a patented coupling to allow the cord to bend repeatedly. Cleartooth sensors are made for many years of continuous use. With proper care, a typical sensor could be used to take over 100,000 X‑rays without failure. We provide a two year warranty on sensors or sensors can be sent to the original factory for repair. We also offer extended coverage in case a sensor ever needs to be replaced.