2D Imaging for Real Dentistry

The Cleartooth Digital X-Ray System performs exceptionally well in every aspect of 2D dental imaging. Cleartooth has simple yet powerful features designed to flow with your work. The software is fast and well designed for real dentistry. It allows anyone in the practice to quickly learn how to use it and start viewing, taking and working with images.

Displaying images, large or small, in many convenient and useful ways is the main feature of Cleartooth. You can enlarge the size of images, individually, or with their adjacent images, always allowing you to see multiple angles side-by-side, at the same time. Images are organized into daily studies for each patient, so you can easily find the images you need and then choose to view them in different ways with just a click. You can view whole studies of images taken on a day or view the same type of X‑rays from all days in time series.

Taking X‑rays is fast and efficient. The Cleartooth intelligent mounting system makes getting all images in the right place with the correct orientation is a snap. Our flexible mounts adapt as needs change. Whether you are taking a set of bitewings, doing a full mouth series, or are just taking PAs on the fly, it’s no trouble to have studies with any type or combination of X‑rays. You can include extra images and make adjustments in mounting for anatomy or other preferences. It is always simple to add, remove, re‑take or re‑arrange images.