Cleartooth Digital X-Ray is has everything you need and more.

Best intraoral X‑ray images

  • Great depth of read
  • Accurate levels of decay
  • Shows critical subtle areas
  • Provides confidence in diagnosis
  • Make images large or small
  • On-screen measurements for working lengths and planning

Best direct digital sensors

  • High resolution and sensitivity
  • Robust and dependable
  • Size #2 – standard adult
  • Size #1 – smaller fit, pedo
  • Always ready plug ‘n play

Best clinical workflow

  • Designed for fast and efficient use
  • Simple yet powerful
  • Intelligent mounting system
  • X‑rays automatically oriented
  • Take bitewings, periapicals, vertical‑bitewings and occlusals
  • Adapts to any combination of angles and extra shots

Best features

  • Access to Images by Patient Name and Study Date
  • View Whole Studies or Anatomically Juxtaposed Groups
  • Show Images in Time Series by Quadrant
  • Make Side-By-Side Comparisons of Patient’s Images
  • Automatic Bias Optimization for Each New X‑Ray
  • Tools for Alternative Perspectives, Preferences, and Annotation
  • Take X‑Rays with “One-Click” or Automatic Sequencing
  • Make Prints or Attachments for E-Claims or Email
  • Integration with Planmecca 2D Machines via Didapi
  • Supports Select Intraoral Cameras with Live View and Still Image Capture
  • Allows Generic Image Files to be Added – .jpg, .png, .tiff

Best turn-key information system

  • Turn-Key 2D Dental Imaging Solution – Sensors and Software
  • Ultra-Reliable, Prevents Disruptions in Service
  • Built In Networking and Real-Time Synchronization
  • Work Online In Office, Go Offline or Mobile
  • Includes Cleartooth Server Software
  • Complete Stand-Alone System Works in any Office
  • Deep Protections against Data Loss
  • Maintains Data Integrity
  • Protections Against Data Loss and Maintains Data Integrity
  • Write-Once Image Storage, Mirroring and Caching,Database Redundancy, Failsafe Persistence
  • Two-Phase Transaction Management, Failover Data Coalescing, Memory Management, Fast I/O

Best technical support

  • Concierge Level of Service
  • Responsive and Caring
  • Expert Knowledge and Deep Understanding of Cleartooth
  • Qualified Installation and Configuration
  • Exceeds Expectations and Eliminates Frustration
  • Finds and Prevents Problems
  • Continually Improving
  • Provides Fixes and Improvements thru Software Updates
  • Quick Recovery If Necessary
  • Keeps Patient Care and Production on Track
  • Maximizes the Benefits of Cleartooth
  • Help and Guidance is Always Available