Clear, readable and accurate images for maximum diagnostic confidence

The Cleartooth Digital X-Ray System performs exceptionally well in every aspect of 2D dental imaging. Cleartooth sensors and software produce superior intraoral radiographs that have great depth-of-read. We reveal the subtle differences in density of enamel, dentin and bone that others lack. Our X‑ray images accurately show all levels of decay and reliably capture incipient decay, providing dentists intraoral X‑ray images that they can read with confidence.

Getting great digital X‑rays starts by having excellent sensors that detect the exact attenuation of X‑rays with high resolution, sensitivity and low noise. In addition to having a excellent sensor, the technique in taking X‑rays is important. Proper positioning of the sensor, precise alignment of the X‑ray tube for parallelism, and correct exposure are required. Best results are often achieved when a Rinn‑style holder is used.

After X‑rays are taken, we add high-quality image processing, designed to produce the most diagnostic image. This is accomplished in two ways. First, our software captures and saves all of the raw original data produced for each exposure. Secondly, the grayscale bias of every Cleartooth X‑ray image is individually optimized to allow the image to be more readable without losing critical information. Areas near the enamel‑dentin junction need to be as obvious as possible without being exaggerated, while the entire image needs a proper film‑like balance of lightness and darkness. Then, Cleartooth takes special care to display each image as closely as possible to the actual raw data with minimal adjustment. Our images accurately preserve and show the subtlest variations in tooth and jaw structure.

We have learned that with X‑rays the most subtle information in the image is the most critical, especially for diagnosing interproximal decay. It is far more important for intraoral X‑rays to have full and accurate depth-of-read than to artificially look slick, sharp-edged and clean by removing all the noise and nuance. Dentists that compare our images to other systems, say that Cleartooth images are the best at accurately informing them about the true oral health and condition of every patient.