Why Cleartooth

Our customers experience the value of our software, sensors and support every day. Read on for the ways our system can help you bring big changes to your practice.

Reach a clear diagnosis.

The images you get using Cleartooth are clear and accurate—far better than film or other digital X-rays—so you can see even subtle problems clearly and make treatment plans with confidence.

Become more profitable.

Cleartooth streamlines and simplifies the process of taking, storing and sharing high quality dental images—saving you time and money. With instant access to large, clear, high-resolution images that are right the first time, you don’t have to waste staff time on retakes. Cleartooth allows you to reclaim the time and overhead you used to spend processing film, cleaning and maintaining film processing equipment. And patients can easily see areas of concern, so they are more likely to accept treatment.

Improve patient care.

Cleartooth Digital X-Ray’s high-definition images make the subtlest variations in tooth density visible, allowing for early detection of decay, abscess, bifurcation, inflammation of PDL and other problems. With Cleartooth, you can immediately point out decay and other problems and explain treatment with the aid of large, high-resolution X-ray images displayed on-screen. Problem areas can be highlighted or circled and measurements taken on the spot.

Enhance patient comfort and safety.

With our sensor’s curved edge and simple, flexible mounting system, patients experience less discomfort than with film or other digital X-rays. And with our intra-oral X-ray, patients experience lower exposure to radiation. Plus, because you can capture the right image the first time, fewer retakes are necessary. And our flat screens can be easily and thoroughly disinfected between patient visits, with no keyboard or mouse to try to clean.

View images instantly.

See the images you’ve taken in the operatory, from a workstation down the hall or across town, immediately after they’re taken. With Cleartooth, images are available throughout your network, so they will always be available, wherever you are. And sharing images with a referring dentist is as easy as tapping a screen.

Adapt to changing needs.

Cleartooth is not a one-size-fits-all system. Each user in the practice is given a personal login, so they can customize their settings based on their own preferences. And the touchscreen software is so easy to use, your staff can pick it up with little to no training. Cleartooth allows you to quickly adapt to changing imaging needs—whether you’re taking bite wings, periapicals, need retakes or are just working on the fly.

Never lose an X-ray again.

The ultra-reliable Cleartooth system is compatible with all dental software, but works independently—so if you experience problems or downtime with your practice management or other software, you can feel confident your digital X-ray system will still be up and running.

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