Our Services

Exceptional customer service is our basic service.

We know you like to spend your time caring for patients instead of installing equipment. That’s why we install and configure the Cleartooth system to make sure it fits your needs, and will even help you adapt the system if things change. And we’re always on call.

We offer hands-on training to your staff as they get started using the system, and our support team is always ready to answer questions, address problems and perform quality checks and software updates to keep the system at peak reliability. When you call us, you’ll get a person on the phone, not a phone tree.

Call us today to learn more or schedule a live demo: 303-733-1999.

The Cleartooth system includes:
  • Cleartooth superior high-resolution, curved-edge USB sensors (large and small)
  • Touchscreen computers loaded with Cleartooth patented software
  • 24/7 support

Let us help you change the way you see 2D dental imaging.

Get Support

Are you an existing customer who needs support?

Call us at 303-733-1999 or email support@cleartooth.com.