Our Company & History


We created Cleartooth to be responsive to the unique needs of the dental community by bringing together the best digital intraoral X-ray sensors, the latest touchscreen computers and pioneering image management software into one unique product.

We’ve spent the last 10 years learning about the dental community – your challenges and opportunities – as we’ve built and refined a system we truly believe can solve the common issues independent dental practices face today. If you thought about switching to digital before but weren’t impressed, take some time to learn about Cleartooth today.


Our company founders are devoted software engineers with advanced know-how and creativity. Prior to Cleartooth, we led the development of first generation technologies for the popular Internet sites of MapQuest, Oprah.com, and Oxygen.com - TV's Oxygen Channel. Beginning over 25 years ago, we created custom solutions for a diverse range of other projects and clients, such as: AT&T, U S West Communications, National Center for Atmospheric Research, Bureau of Land Management. Then, almost by accident, our system's designer was shown digital X-rays and immediately realized that 2D dental imaging would be a perfect fit for our special knowledge of image processing, user interactivity, databases, and network protocols, enabling us to create an entirely new and innovative system for dentistry. From this moment, Cleartooth was born. Since then, we’ve focused on providing outstanding service to our customers and refining our product to exceed expectations.

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