Woodmen Views Dentistry brings next generation dental imagery from Cleartooth to patients in Colorado Springs

Woodmen Views Dentistry has a long history of providing patients with dentistry services in the Colorado Springs area. Running a modern, busy practice focused on general dentistry, pediodontics and oral surgery, Dr. Dwayne A. Moore and his team believe in using advanced technologies to deliver the best possible care to patients—while at the same time keeping a sharp eye on the bottom line.

Several years ago Dr. Moore was introduced to Cleartooth. At the time, Dr. Moore was an associate in a group practice that was still using film X-rays, but he immediately knew the Cleartooth system was one he wanted in his own office one day.

An essential tool for patient care and diagnosis

When launching his own practice, Dr. Moore installed the Cleartooth Digital X-Ray system right from the start. Cleartooth gives Woodmen Views Dentistry advanced, easy-to-use, digital intra-oral X-ray capability and gives the most clear and accurate images so interproximal caries and other problems can be diagnosed early and addressed. Dr. Moore uses the system mostly for bitewings, but also for full mouth series. And when it comes to endodontic procedures, he uses the onscreen measuring tool to get accurate working lengths to the apex from the first PA he takes.

"Cleartooth gives me images of excellent quality and I have great confidence in their accuracy," says Dr. Moore. "And using the touchscreens to view and adjust contrast on the images as I’m viewing them helps me to quickly zero in on any issues.”

Easy-to-use solution that is good for patients and good for the bottom line

Woodmen Views has realized tangible patient benefits with Cleartooth. The system’s intra-oral X-rays mean patients have lower radiation exposure, and the instant availability of large, high-resolution images reduces the need for retakes—getting patients out of the chair more quickly and saving significant staff time. Patients appreciate being able to see sharp, detailed images that make it clear what Dr. Moore is talking about when discussing treatment plans.

Woodmen Views Dentistry has also been able to reduce the time spent on preparing and sending X-rays with insurance claims. Says Kimberly Mullin, Front Office Coordinator, “Our digital system makes it easy to attach X-ray files to our insurance claims. Before Cleartooth, it was a manual process of attaching film to printed claims forms and mailing them in. Now, it’s all electronic. In just a few clicks, I have the information and the X-rays ready to submit.”

Kimberly estimates that not only is she saving about an hour a day on claims management, but the time it takes to get paid for claims is much shorter using the all-digital submission process – shaving several weeks off the billing cycle.

After an initial introduction from Cleartooth, the Woodmen Views team has hit the ground running. Even the externs who rotate through the practice every few months find the Cleartooth interface so clear and intuitive they’re able to use the imaging tools with very little up-front explanation required.

“I’m a big fan of the Cleartooth system,” continues Dr. Moore. “Its ease of use, reliability and the exceptional diagnostic quality of the images it takes make it easy for me to recommend it to anyone.”

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