Cleartooth digital X-ray brings updated technology to long-time Boulder practice

Dr. Corbett Summers runs a busy, general dentistry practice in Boulder, Colorado. His team includes two full-time hygienists, two assistants, a front office lead, and a part-time hygienist who comes in one day a week. The office maintains a fast pace of appointments and focuses on providing the best overall treatment for their patients. Advanced technology plays a big role in keeping things humming.

In private practice for more than 30 years, Dr. Summers has seen significant changes in the industry. The infusion of technology into the dental profession has enabled doctors like Dr. Summers to spend more time on patient interaction and less time on common processes and tasks. From emailed appointment reminders and shared calendars to sophisticated digital imaging technology and practice management software, technology has become increasingly important for modern practices.

Technology innovations that improve patient care

Six or seven years ago, Dr. Summers was introduced to Cleartooth™ Digital X-Ray. This innovative solution takes intra-oral X-rays using advanced sensors and the resulting high-quality images provide the clarity needed for fast, accurate diagnoses. It also has touchscreen computers and digital sensors that are among the thinnest on the market.

At first skeptical, Dr. Summers came to believe there were real benefits from leaving traditional X-ray film behind for a faster, more flexible digital solution that could provide the clarity required for diagnosing even the most subtle interproximal decay from the very start. Adding Cleartooth digital X-ray technology to his practice meant his team could move more quickly with patients without compromising quality. Cleartooth quickly became an essential tool for the practice.

Dr. Summers uses Cleartooth to take bitewings eight to 10 times a day and periapicals, which he uses for restorations, two to three times per day.

“The Cleartooth solution really speeds things up,” said Dr. Summers. “We can get to a finished X-ray faster, with no wait time for developing. And all our computers are networked together so I can review X-rays from any room in the office. I wouldn’t take X-rays any other way now.”

He now has touchscreen computers in each of his five operatories, and computers in his office and at the front desk, all running the Cleartooth system. To keep things moving and minimize inconvenience, Dr. Summers chose to have three #2 sensors and two #1 sensors, so he and his team would allways have the right sensor closely available when needed.

An easy-to-learn system with features designed for the way you work

Cleartooth provided in-office training for Dr. Summers and his staff, who found the Cleartooth system very easy to use—even for those who were not computer-savvy. Dr. Summers and his staff find the Cleartooth interface so simple and intuitive that many new users in the practice are able to use the system with little or no training, just by working with the software for a few minutes.

Dr. Summers’ front office manager, Jodi, agrees: “The Cleartooth system is so user friendly and so easy to use. I didn’t grow up using computers, but I picked it up really fast just by exploring and clicking to see how it worked.”

This simplicity means that staff can complete tasks more quickly with a system optimized for the way they like to work. For example, individuals can choose whether the system will present images singly or in a grid and what patient information is displayed. The Cleartooth system will remember those preferences, as well as what record they were working on last, when they next log in.

Another time-saving aspect of the Cleartooth solution is how the need for a retake can be identified immediately and a new X-ray taken—before the patient even realizes the first one has been done. Dr. Summers and his office manager believe the practice is saving significant time compared to the days when they had to take, develop, and rinse X-ray film before being able to review. “We are saving at least one day a week over working with film. It took a lot of time to deal with film,” said Jodi.

The front office also finds it fast and easy to send Cleartooth digital X-rays to other offices when referring a patient. The image can be attached to an email and sent in seconds rather than waiting several days for film to arrive through the mail. "Needing only one click to submit an insurance claim or referral by email is great," says Dr. Summers.

High quality images and high touch customer service

The quality of the X-ray image Dr. Summers is able to get with Cleartooth is critically important to his practice. “I knew that if I was going to go with digital X-rays, I wanted the best digital X-rays I could get,” he said. “Image quality was the key for me and I think the diagnostic quality of Cleartooth images is excellent.”

Dr. Summer feels that the fact that Cleartooth is a stand-alone system that works easily with, but is not part of a practice management system, has advantages in terms of reliability and image quality. “Their [Cleartooth’s] focus is on giving us the best X-ray possible and not compromising that simply to link to practice management software,” he said. “They are constantly working to make the system better and add more value for their customers. Cleartooth’s goal is to give us the very best X-ray possible, with the easiest system possible. And they just have such a passion for the business.”

Dr. Summer’s staff notes that using advanced technology like Cleartooth helps the office to project a modern, high-tech feel, work more quickly, and be more efficient with patient time. All of which give Dr. Summers’ patients even greater confidence in the staff and treatment recommendations they receive.

"Patient perception is a major thing," notes Dr. Summers. "I overheard a patient say they were surprised [another] office wasn’t computerized. Computers help with record keeping, insurance claims, X-rays – but it’s also helpful in how you are perceived by patients."

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