Cleartooth digital X-ray solution delivers bottom line impact for busy dental practice

Dr. Armbruster has built a thriving practice on the high plains of Colorado in the town of Sterling, a city of around 12,000 residents. His office keeps a busy pace, providing everything from general dentistry, sedation services to endodontic procedures, laser surgery and tooth restorations.

Technology is a critical part of Dr. Armbruster’s practice and he believes in using the best modern techniques to deliver the right results for his patients. He spent nearly five years looking for a digital X-ray solution that would give him the image quality, ease-of-use and reliability he wanted. He knew superior images would help in many areas throughout his practice—knowing that superior images would benefit his endodontic practice in particular. Unfortunately, many of the leading brands that he evaluated had images that were grainy or coarse.

Then, about three years ago when Dr. Armbruster was at a Colorado Dental Association annual meeting, he was given a demonstration of the Cleartooth™ Digital X-ray system. “I saw the Cleartooth system as I was heading into the delegates meeting,” says Dr. Armbruster. “At the first break, I went back for a demonstration. Then, at the lunch break, I took my primary hygienist—who is also my wife—to see the system and we spoke with the Cleartooth team at length. By the next morning I had made the decision to buy. After five years of searching, I found exactly what I needed in less than 36 hours!”

He was struck by the clarity of the imagery, the simplicity of the program’s navigation, and features for capturing, displaying and viewing digital X-rays. He also was impressed by the expertise of the Cleartooth team. It was clear they had a commitment to listening to customers, responding to needs and performing quality checks to keep their systems operating at peak reliability.

Instant, clear image results translate to substantial time savings

Dr. Armbruster has computers in each of his five operatories, plus three in offices and two at the front desk. The Cleartooth team installed the solution and provided onsite training for the staff—though many remarked that the system was so intuitive that they could have used it effectively with little or no training.

Very quickly the time-saving benefits of the Cleartooth solution became evident. With Cleartooth, the ultra-clear bitewings and PAs can be viewed instantly and working lengths can be measured immediately onscreen, which translated to 15 minutes or more saved per endodontic patient. Being able to instantly view these clear X-rays also made a big difference in the time it now takes for Dr. Armbruster to complete an implant, where imaging is especially important. The practice was able to cut initial appointment time down by nearly one third.

Dr. Armbruster notes, “Cleartooth gives me an instant result, saving seven or eight minutes that I would have spent each time waiting on developing film during root canals. Not to mention the half hour saved on every crown.”

His wife and primary hygienist, Patty Armbruster, agrees. “The Cleartooth system saves us hours a week over traditional X-ray film.”

And the benefits are not just from the time saved that is redirected to seeing additional patients, says Dr. Armbruster. “I think the savings in X-ray chemicals alone paid for the system—I estimate the Cleartooth solution paid for itself in the first three months.”

System reliability and focus on customer service give peace of mind

The commitment on the part of the Cleartooth team to develop, maintain and enhance the system was a deciding factor. “The advantage of Cleartooth is really Scott and Michelle and our ability to tell them what we need. They are so open to feedback and they really listen and want to learn what works,” said Patty. “We chose Cleartooth in part because Scott was so committed to making sure the system worked for us.” The team is always available for consultations, to provide updates and specialized training. And they are open to feedback from clients to ways to keep adding value to the Cleartooth system.

In the three-plus years that the Armbrusters have been using the Cleartooth system, it’s never been down. Dr. Armbruster says it’s the most reliable equipment in his office.

Flexible system offers a customizable experience

Dr. Armbruster has found that many of the features built into the system give him flexibility, letting him capture and view images in the way that works best for him.

Cleartooth offers multiple modes for reviewing X-ray images. Most dentists view X-rays as if they were standing in front of the patient looking directly into the mouth; but others prefer to view as if they were standing behind the patient looking into the mouth with a mirror. Dr. Armbruster mounts his digital X-rays using mirror mode—the same way he’s always viewed film X-rays, with the patient’s right on his right. The Cleartooth system’s mirror mode lets dentists choose the projection that works best for them.

The system also offers touch screen computers, digital sensors that are thinner than others on the market, and a wide array of capabilities that provide maximum flexibility when working with X-ray images. Images can be viewed grouped in a customizable grid or singly, and can be re-arranged quickly onscreen based on the user’s needs. There are also tools for adjusting contrast and the ability to quickly enlarge an image or zoom in on any area of the X-ray—something just not possible with film.

Another key feature for Dr. Armbruster is the implant tool. This capability lets him easily plan for the placement of implants onscreen to confirm it will fit. It’s a big improvement over drilling holes in models to ensure the proper size.

According to Dr. Armbruster, the Cleartooth solution is a winner. “With its ease of use, exceptional images and time-saving features, Cleartooth has extended my desire to practice,” said Dr. Armbruster. “If you choose Cleartooth, you’re going to save money; it will give you better diagnostic tools and you’ll have the peace of mind of a reliable system backed up by exceptional engineering talent.”

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