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We are committed to making Cleartooth work for every dental practice. Download a case study below for details on how our customers have come to rely on Cleartooth Digital X-Ray.

Current Case Studies

Woodmen Views Dentistry brings next generation dental imagery from Cleartooth to patients in Colorado Springs

How does a modern, busy practice keep a sharp eye on the bottom line while using advanced technologies to deliver the best possible patient care? Woodmen Views Dentistry in the Colorado Springs area found the right solution. And it’s Cleartooth.

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Cleartooth digital X-ray solution delivers reliability and results for busy dental practice

Busy, thriving practices can sometimes have a hard time finding the digital X-ray solution that meets their needs. Take the case of Dr. Armbruster’s practice in the high plains of Colorado, where all manners of vital dentistry services are provided. For Dr. Armbruster, Cleartooth Digital X-Ray had the image quality, ease-of-use and reliability his practice needed.

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Cleartooth helps established Colorado practice go digital

Switching from film to digital for Dr. Jim Monk was a move that needed to make a strong positive impact on his practice. Now having made the change, he has found that Cleartooth has provided more value than he expected. Clear, instant X-rays not only saved time and money, but actually improved his ability to care for his patients.

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Cleartooth digital X-ray brings updated technology to long-time Boulder practice

Today, advanced technology plays a central role in allowing dentists to maximize their productivity. Although skeptical at first, Dr. Corbett Summers belives there are major benefits from leaving traditional film for digital and that Cleartooth is the right solution. Cleartooth allows him and his team to work more quickly with a system that is exceptionally simple. Cleartooth Digital X-Ray has become an essential tool for his practice.

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Cleartooth imaging system integrates digital panorex to better serve disabled patients

Having one system that provides both superior quality intra-oral X-rays and integrates with Planmeca digital panorex helps Dr. John Nicolette to care for patients with a wide range of needs. Cleartooth digital X-ray system is a full 2D digital imaging platform for X-rays and photos, both intra-oral and extra-oral. Cleartooth’s unique image management technology and high-definition viewer brings it all together with ease.

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Cleartooth digital X-ray imaging supports specialized pediatrics practice

After going digital a few years ago, Dr. Allen Vean, a long-serving pediatric dentist, believes that Cleartooth offers the best fit for treating children. Not only is Dr. Vean impressed by its image quality, he likes the Cleartooth software more than the others. Recently, Dr. Vean joined the Cody Dental Group in Denver and he made certain that the pedodointic department at Cody would upgrade their X-ray technology to Cleartooth. The team at Cody are now thrilled to have made the change.

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