About Cleartooth
Digital X-Ray System

We’ve taken your most essential tool for patient care and diagnosis to the next level.

The Cleartooth Digital X-Ray system was built for real dental professionals in real practices – for the way you work every day. So the images you get are clear and accurate – far more than film or other digital X-rays – to allow you to see even subtle problems. This means you can make treatment plans with confidence – and the confidence of your patients. And because Cleartooth streamlines your day with its ultra-reliable performance, you can have time to concentrate on patient care.

Features Benefits
Large display
  • The subtlest variations in tooth density are now visible, allowing for early detection.
  • Fast, easy, cost-effective image sharing for insurance claims or referrals.
What-you-see-is-what-you-get image mounting system
  • Images are in the right place, correctly oriented, and you can add, remove and rearrange with ease.
  • Faster image processing and results.
Immediate, clear results
  • Patients accept needed treatment.
  • More time for patient care.
No film to develop
  • Fewer retakes because you immediately see the results.
  • No film processing equipment to clean or maintain.
Software & Networking
Features Benefits
Intuitive touchscreen software
  • Easy for dental professionals to pick up in minutes.
  • Training time is kept to a minimum
  • Quickly adapts to changing imaging needs.
  • Areas of concern can be highlighted or circled and working lengths can be measured on-the-spot.
Independent and compatible with all dental software
  • Not affected by downtime or issues with practice management or other software.
Ongoing technical support
  • Hands-on training.
  • Quality checks.
  • Software updates.
  • On-call 24/7.
Synchronized data sharing
  • Share images throughout your network in real time
  • Any user can open any patient’s X-rays and view them even if they’re currently being taken or viewed elsewhere.
Time-keyed data management and write-once image storage
  • Cleartooth is always ready to take X-rays.
  • Your X-rays will never get lost.
Features Benefits
Curved sensor edge
  • Less discomfort for patients.
  • Larger field for image capture.
Plug-and-play sensors
  • More dependable and easy to use than any other system.
Industrial-grade screens
  • Can be thoroughly disinfected between patient visits, with no keyboard or mouse to clean.
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